Getting Car Insurance after a DUI | What you need to know

Getting an insurance policy after a drink driving offence can be frustrating. You will no doubt see your insurance premium skyrocket. It may be of some comfort that motorists convicted of drink driving offences aren’t the only one’s targeted with high insurance costs following a motoring conviction. People who drive around like they are in a race are also hit with the reality of a costly insurance policy after receiving their conviction. If you have been caught at the wheel drunk, and have subsequently received a motoring conviction such as a DR10 endorsement, what can you do to make sure you aren’t stung with higher insurance policy costs?

Get Convicted Driver Insurance

If you have finally got your licence back after being caught on a drive after having a drink, you may be racing to get insured and back on the road. However, you’ll be stopped in your tracks at the eye-watering price of insurance. You may think your only option is continuing to ride the bus or getting lifts from friends and family. However, people who have been caught at the wheel after having a drink or two will more than likely take out a Convicted Driver insurance policy, as Convicted Driver insurance is a specialist insurance policy specifically designed for convicted motorists, such as those who have a drink driving conviction.

Benefits of Convicted Driver Insurance

Of course, the main benefit of getting a cheap car insurance for drink drivers is that it is, more often than not, going to be a lot cheaper than a regular Car insurance policy. However, the lower price of Convicted Driver insurance isn’t the only thing that’ll get you racing to get a Drunk Driver insurance policy. When taking out a Convicted Driver insurance policy, whether you are doing so because of a motoring conviction related to racing or being caught drunk at the wheel, you will actually be dealing with professional Convicted Driver insurance agents, most of which should act in a very professional manner and won’t judge your conviction.

Choose Your Car Carefully for Convicted Driver Insurance

Many people who have received a conviction for opting to drink and drive following a session at the pub will most likely have been banned from driving. If you have been banned following a drink drive conviction then you may have gotten rid of your car as a result of your ban. Therefore, when your drink drive ban is up you’ll need a new set of wheels. Before you purchase a new set of wheels, you should think carefully about what you buy as it will impact the price of your Convicted Driver insurance policy.

Try and Do Less Miles

When you get back from your drink drive ban you might be used to walking places and taking a bus ride to places. To get a cheaper insurance policy after your drunk drive ban you could continue to utilise public transport or walk as often as you can, as this will help you keep your mileage down, and getting a Convicted Driver insurance policy with less miles attached to it will help keep the price down and by not driving everywhere all of the time you will reduce your carbon footprint – which is good for the environment.


Getting a Convicted Driver insurance policy following a drink drive ban doesn’t always have to be expensive, and if you use the methods highlighted in this helpful article you should at least be able to get drink driver insurance quotes at a price you’re happy with. However, if you’re not happy with the quotes for your Convicted Driver insurance policy you can always opt to delay getting back behind the wheel and continue riding the bus and walk everywhere for the next five years, at which point you won’t have to declare your conviction. However, if you take that option you won’t be able to build up any no claims bonus either!