Primarily, drywall textures are utilized to incorporate character to ceilings, although, they could also be applied on the wall. They conceal imperfections and incorporates flair to boring and flat drywall. There are numerous styles to select from and others are DIY friendlier compared to others. The majority of the textures could be performed faster with the use of hand techniques. But if you want to finish it faster, you might need to use a compressor and spray gun. Here are some of the texture of drywalls and how to realize them. 

Orange peel 

Orange peel is a basic texture that’s mostly utilized. This is named due to its resemblance to the orange’s dimpled skin. Usually, it is utilized to conceal any drywall blemishes without requiring any time-consuming, and fancy hand techniques. 


Popcorn ceilings are great at hiding stained or imperfect walls. It could also aid with dampening sound since it’s applied thickly. Though the popcorn ceiling was a popular texture way back the 1960s. this texture is already outdated for several homeowners and some consider removing it instead of applying it since it’s known to contain asbestos. Also, they can be challenging to clean or paint since they accumulate dust. 


This texture is done by directly applying onto the drywall by hand with an 18-inch curved knife. The mud is applied in extremely thin layers. 


Knockdown texture incorporates more dimension and warmth to your ceiling since it looks like a stucco finish that has flattened dimples. However, expect that you need to have more cleaning up session with this texture compared to the orange peel. However, the outcome would be a contemporary style. 

Slap brush 

Generally, slap brush is a phrase, which is utilized in describing ways to add patterns using brushes that are pushed up onto the mud after it’s been sprayed or rolled on. There are various names for this technique, such as rosebud, crow’s feet, or stomp brush, and much more to mention. 

Sand swirl 

The sand swirl is one of the stylized technique that needs a lot of skill and time for you to achieve properly. Similar to a comb, the pattern is typically a series of rounded hand motions, however, a bristle brush is used for the swirl t make a looser pattern compared to the geometric comb. 

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